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Company Overview

Heystack is the most comprehensive analytics solution for aggregating and analyzing customer reviews at scale. Heystack aggregates millions of customer reviews across Amazon, Walmart, Target, and 100’s of other retailer websites in a customizable dashboard, and deploys a robust, vertical-specific ontology paired with a unique NLP A.I. to provide real-time actionable insights to help brands, retailers and agencies understand the “Why” and the “What” behind customers' intent and buying decisions.

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How brands leverage these insights

Break the silos and get a complete picture of what drives customers' buying decisions. A single feedback data platform to combine and analyze product reviews and feedback from all public and private sources - marketplaces, online retailers, review sites, CRM, email/calls/messages and internal reviews.

Understand The ‘WHY’ Behind The ‘WHAT’. Instantly gain actionable and competitive insights generated by our industry-leading AI, without the involvement of IT, market experts, or lengthy projects.

Product Perception

Analyze every verbatim review to uncover SKU and category level complaints and compliments that matter the most to customers

Purchase Drivers

Quickly understand why customers buy your products, how they use them and features that resonate most with them

Competitive Standing

Scan the entire market to discover competing products, why customers buy/not buy them and how your products stack up against them

Plug And Play

No integrations. No Coding. Quick go live



Retailer Platforms

Syndication is hard & expensive. We get all the product data for you



Trained data

Built on Google and IBM platforms to understand every customer


Realtime Insights

Automated and continuous capture & analysis of data to help you stay on top


Go Live!

Fast and secure implementation with no effort from your IT teams

How it works

Heystack leverages proprietary AI and Natural Language Processing algorithms to automatically aggregate and analyze every product review/feedback from all over the web

Millions of Customer Reviews In One Place

Heystack aggregates and centralizes millions of reviews posted daily about your products and competitive products across 200+ retailers, including your own website, competitors' websites, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohls, Macys, etc.

Vertical specific, rich Ontology paired with NLP A.I.

Trained on over 50M+ data points, Heystack combines the power of computational linguistics and deep machine learning to accurately capture consumers’ true sentiment and context behind their purchase decisions.

Product, Brand, Category Analysis and Insights

Our platform gives you real-time actionable insights in an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard. Reviews are continuously captured and analyzed in conjunction with your sales data to help you prioritize your initiatives and stay on top of your VoC.

Power of Heystack

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Big Data Analytics

Heystack’s machine learning algorithms discover new topics in each product category to automatically and independently build a unique taxonomy for each. This self-learning technology teaches itself about the world of your products and maximizes the value of the insights it provides.

Human Like Understanding

Heystack text analysis combines the power of computational linguistics and deep learning to clarify subjectivity in customer perceptions. Our platform enables indepth understanding of context with exceptionally high precision to deliver truly actionable business insights.

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3D Market View

Empower product, marketing, QA and consumer insights expert to make a well-educated business decision faster. Know your competition and how you are benchmarking against them in all aspects that matter to you and your customers. Spot new opportunities and tackle weaknesses.


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In this session we will understand your challenges and discuss how you could address them using Heystack. In addition, we will also demostrate how some of the leading brands in your vertical are using Heystack to get answers to questions like:

  • What is the overall customer perception and who is the market leader?
  • What are the key purchase drivers and where do I stand among my competitors?
  • What are top issues or compliments that have the highest impact on my sales?
  • What should I do to improve product satisfaction and which SKUs should I focus on?